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Self containing and apartments

Self containing and camping

The youth guest house offers an excellent choice of installations for self containing groups,which are ideal for small group from 5 persons until great events up to 180 persons.
As well as camping groups as well as inhouse groups can rent these installations separately.
The largest of these installations is ideal for youth leisure,student groups
,public events,choirs and musician teams - from 2008 you can also use a modern trainingroom directly across this self containing area.
The following possibilities and installations are available:

1. large self containing area ( up to 180 persons)
this is a rustic 100 sm multifunction hall with seats for about 120 persons as well as acovered terrace (80 sm) with about 80 seats.
The professional kitchen is equipped with a large gas stove,a camping stove,a professional dish washing machine,a hot air stove and several catering establishment furniture as well as table- and kitchenware for the corresponding number of persons.

aerial photo of the selfcontaining area with camping place

2. Small selfcontaining kitchen (up to 25 persons)

This consists of a rustic staying room with 40 sm and seats for 25-30 persons as well as a simply furnished kitchen with 4 electro hot plates,2 fridges and table- and kitchenware

3. Self containing apartments ( 2x5,1x6 and 1x12 persons)

The 3 smaller apartments have entrances at ground levels with seating accomodation in the entrances,living and sleeping space with separate children`s room as well as bathroom and small kitchen.
The large apartment is wheelchair conform,you can reach it by car until 10m and it has a friendly living room in the ground floor entrance space,
a modern kitchen with ceran stove,fridge,dish washer,washing machine,
table- and kitchenware as well as two sleeping rooms with two bathrooms ( one is for people with wheelchair)

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