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Self containing and camping

Camping place Eifelblick

The camping place has an area of more than 20000 m² and is on the terrain of the youth guest house Eifelblick.
The place is completely enclosed and planted with spruces arround as sight protection.He is suitable for groups up to 150 persons.For a large tent there is a plain terrain of 10x25 m². The camping place can be used by cars if the wheather is fine - access is through a large gateway which can be locked. There are also about 10 parking places.Modern sanitary installations (each 3 showers,toilets and washbassins for men and women) with solar heated energy can be used.Further there are a barbecue and campfire space with a great swinging roast on the terrain as well as 4 swings,a ping pong table and a place for football,,basketball,
volleyball.Tents and field kitchen must be brought,but you can also rent a self containing space which is on the terrain with a large leisure room and a modern kitchen (please have a look unter the self containing side).

aireal view  camping place

Please send your requests to:

Jugendgästehaus Eifelblick
Mr. Gerhard Zenner
Trägerberg 20
54298 Welschbillig
Tel. 06506 99026
Fax. 06506 99027
Email: Haus-Eifelblick@T-Online.de

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